Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint brakes

Early Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprints (and the Berlina and Spider) had disk brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. This changed to disk brakes all round sometime in 1965 and the hand brake was a small drum in the centre of the rear disk, an arrangement also used on the later 105 and 115 Alfas.

During July 1998 I had the complete hydraulic systems, brakes and clutch, rebuilt by Power Brakes S.A. Pty Ltd, 613 North East Road Gilles Plains phone 08 0261 0888. Tom Simpson (Tom has since retired) did a lot of research, starting with the numbers in the 2600 Register manual, and came up with kits and rebuild parts for all the assemblies involved. Here are a list of parts numbers kindly supplied by Tom.

Most of the numbers listed here are PBR Australia part numbers but Tom assures me many other manufacturers around the world also use the same Industry Numbers. This list has been compiled with the resources available to me and may not be quite accurate or complete, it is intended as a guide only. If you have anything to add to this list please email me with details.

Brake Master Cylinder: Girling 64067856 (one inch diameter)

Brake Booster: Girling Hydrovac 64049126 type 92 Front Calipers Rear Calipers Clutch Master Cylinder: Girling 3110244 (5/8 inch diameter) Clutch Slave Cylinder: Girling 64067782 (7/8 inch diameter) Hoses Brake Pads The caliper pistons were machined and built up with chrome and the Master Cylinders, Booster and Slave Cylinder were sleeved with stainless steel. The Piston in the Booster was replaced with a stainless steel one. The total cost of the complete rebuild was about A$1600.00, including the pads.

Hand brake
I will add the details of the hand brake shoes when I get around to removing and renovating them.

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