CUTTING AWAY THE RUST, 16th January 1998

The new cross member being fabricated. The right hand bonnet spring support is rusted away

This is the left had side sill, the top piece is still sound
The thick inner sill pieces are still sound, only the thin outer sills were rusted badly

The right had side sill has been bent in and the top pieces have to be replaced

When I first looked at the car I thought the right hand door pillar was rusted away at the bottom
Once the door was removed and the rusted metal cut away, it was not as bad as it looked
I thought I would have to make some sort of new bottom hinge
A series of simple patches welded in will fix this damage

This is the inside of the same door pillar
The bottom hinge is the little socket near the outside of the pillar and it is made from a thicker metal
New outer sills will be made for both sides and this side also needs new inner sill pieces on the right hand side
I will fabricate large sections of the front floor from 1·6mm sheet steel

The "nose" is quite badly rusted and bent
May be easier to look for part of another body to fix this area, or find a "cheap" Coach Builder
A complete front with the nose, valence and guards would be great but my chances are not good

The spare wheel well is rusted away, I may repair this with one from another car, any sort of car

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Written by and Copyright ©, Phil. Storr, last updated 4th January 2005