Working on the nose and under the wheel arches

In this photo Steve has cut the top "nose" off the car
and is starting to remake it in two pieces

The top and bottom "nose" pieces have been tacked together

In this photo you can see how the valence and the nose has been reconstructed

The nose above the grille has been remade by forming top and bottom pieces
and welding them together along the centre, this sure shows what a craftsman Steve is
A little bit of lead filling will make sure it is the correct shape

The valance has been made from many small pieces welded together

The lower part of the wheel arch is in place, the rest will be made in two or three pieces
It is hard to see the join between the old and new, Steve has already primed this piece.
Remember how bad this wheel arch was ?

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Written by and Copyright ©, Phil. Storr, last updated 4th January 2005