Updates 2001

Updates 2002

During November 2000 I got some parts from Walter Rossi in South Africa. These included a set of high/low beam switch and indicator switch and the chrome surrounds for the side indicator lights.

On the 5th of December 2000 I got the front and rear window rubbers for the 2600 Berlina from Rainer Hurtienne in Germany. These worked out at A$430.00 the pair including postage, a lot cheaper than other quotes I have had. They look quite good quality. A set of rubbers for the Sprint are now on the way from the same supplier.

On the 28th of December 2000 I got the front and rear window rubbers for the 2600 Sprint and six side indicator lens from Rainer Hurtienne in Germany. The total cost including postage was 547.25 DEM, about A$470.00, plus A$65.00 GST and duty.

The 27th of January 2001 marks an important step forward. I started to sort out my big collection of Alfa parts and store them in a large shed on the block next door. We have just purchased the house next door and are renting out the house. As it is on a big block of land I have add the back of the block to my block to give me a lot more space for my projects. There is an existing 8 by 4 metre shed on the land and I have given the tenant the front 2 metre to store stuff in, and the rest of it is my parts shed.

Sunday 14th of April 2002 Progress at last. A friend came around and rubbed down the engine bay and the front winscreen area in preparation for putting final paint on these areas. The following Sunday with paint when on and a week later the door shuts and boot area where given the same treatment. This means I can now put in a hood lining, refit the suspension and brakes and put the car back on its wheels. My aim now is to get the car going again and then paint the rest of the body. The following week I used ten litres of water based tar material, putting a good heavy coat on the underbody and the inside floor and boot.

While Graham was working on the 2600 Sprint I cleaned and primed the bonnet, boot and two rear doors for the 2600 Berlina, and cleaned and painted the Sprints front suspension.

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