Phil Storrs spare parts 2600

RIP 19th September 1999

VIN: 10609*854100

Rego number: NSW KJT460

Last registered: 1982

Last registered owner: Luke J. Conte

On the 25th of May 1999 I bought the remains of a 2600 Sprint from Peter Westcott in Melbourne. Peter had bought the car to get the engine and gearbox for another project (more about this later) and offered me the rest. He took some photos of the remains and from what I could see I decided to get the car for parts. The main parts I wanted was the front windscreen, the power window motors, parts of the grill, and the headlight surrounds. The seat frames and mechanisms would be useful because they looked in better condition than mine and all that spare trim would not go amiss.

The instruments, switches, and heater bits would be of use and I might be able to sell what I did not want to help with the costs. The car had 15inch rims and these would be useful for experimenting with what I can do for suitable tyres. The rims did not look of much use to me because the wheel arches had been flared a lot to fit the wider rims.

Peter agreed to deliver the car to Bordertown, about half way between Melbourne and Adelaide, and a Club member who lives in the town would look after it until I could get there and pick it up. Peter delivered the car on the 3rd of July and it was put away safely in a big shed with some heavy harvesters. The distance between Adelaide and Melbourne is about 750 Klm and Bordertown is about 300 Klm from Adelaide and 450 Klm from Melbourne.

Click on the thumb nail sketches above to see larger images of remains of a 2600 Sprint

I did not get around to picking the car up until the 4th of September and my Nephew and I hired a trailer and used his Jeep to tow it home. The trip went well and by 4PM the remains of the 2600 Sprint joined the collection of cars and wrecks in my backyard.

A Close inspection followed and to my dismay I found the power window motors are quite different between the Series One and Series Two 2600 Sprint. If you need some power windows of this type, let me know, they are for sale or swap. These mechanisms use a cable system rather than the gear and lever of the Series Two, I did not realize this. I also have two good Series One window switches to dispose of.

The windscreen turned out to be very good and to my surprise, the front and rear disk rotors are in better condition than the car I am doing up. This also goes for the fuel and vacuum tanks, most of the grill parts and other sundry items. I have even made a spare set of tail lights from the old ones from both cars.

The boot (trunk) and bonnet (hood) are in good condition, these items would have saved me money if I had got them before I bought the new bonnet from Germany and had the boot lid remade.

Some of the items I have to dispose of are: (click on the links to see photos)

If you are looking for any of these item, make me an offer, or let me know what you have to swap for them.

Some of the items I still need are: (click on the links to see photos)

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