NERC field day 16 and 17 August 2014

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The North East Radio Club (South Australia) set up a station for the contests being held on the weekend of 16 and 17th of August 2014. These contests are the Rememberance Day Contest and the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW). The ILLW is a fun event more than a serious contest so it is ideal for Hams who are usually turned off by the behavour of a a few contestants in more serious contests.

Thanks to Wolf (VK5WF) and his friend Michael, the NERC secured an ideal site just North of Adelaide. It is a long narrow plot of land six acres in size and there are a lot of BIG gum trees all over the site to hang antenna from.

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Those taking part were asked to bring food and drinks if they wished to cook their own meals and if they would sooner have fast food, there are two fast food oulets about 3Klm away. The kitchen is well equiped with an oven with a cooktop, frypan and pots, a fridge with a freezer, toaster, a BBQ and Weber. They were asked to bring plates, cups, glasses and "eating irons". The organisers of the event brought dish washing liquid and towels to wash and wipe and a coffee machine and coffee pods. Inspite of rain and cold, many of us were there from about 9.00 AM Saturday to about 2.00 PM Sunday.

If those attending wished to stay over night, there are four beds and plenty of other room for fourty winks of sleep through the night, remember we get double points for contacts after midnight. This is a modern house with toilet and bath room and a kitchen. They were warned if they were going to be there over night to bring warm cloths, a sleeping bag, swag or camp bed to set up in the lounge room, the four beds were already booked.

As it is a rural property there are few houses near by and the site is very quite with very little radio noise. No plasma televisions or high tension power lines. The only man made radio noise we had was the clicking of electric fence controllers but they did not cause any problems.

As it was winter time it was cold and with some drizzle but this did not dampen the spirits of those taking part and of course some other spirit helped keep us warm.

The fire pot not only kept us warm, it helped to clean up some of the fallen timber from the property. Trevor, always the dedicated CFS worker, could not help himself cleaning the fire hazards from the gutters.

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