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Typical Pentium (and 686) Hardware

The modern Pentium system board provides circuitry for:

  • Two EIDE interfaces
  • A Floppy Disk Drive Interface
  • Two high speed Communications (Serial) Ports
  • One Enhanced Parallel Port

The following three images show a typical Pentium System Board of 1997 vintage

In these three images look for:

The board below is a Pentium Pro system board.

Most Pentium Pro system boards are ATX format, this board is a Baby AT type (conventional) board.


The board below is an ATX format System Board

This board is a Dual Pentium Pro System Board


The following two pictures show a January 1997 SIS chip set Pentium/686 system board.

Note the Processor has a built in fan, and look for the Dallas chip.

The following images show a System Board that can use 72 pin SIMM's and a DIMM

These two images show DIMM and 72pin SIMM RAM fitted to this same board.

The next four images show a modern Pentium II System Board

The Pentium II processor is a Slot One processor

This is a Baby AT System board but it has Baby AT and ATX power connectors

This System Board has three DIMM RAM sockets, two ISA Bus slots, four PCI slots and an AGP port.

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