Some of my collection of Boat Anchor test equipment

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Radiometer Copenhagen type MS111C s/n 65457

This very fancy Signal Generator has come to me without its outer case but other than that, looks to be complete and in quite good condition.
Does anyone out there have any information on this item ?. I would like to at least find a circuit diagram.

Marconi TF 867/2 Standard Signal Generator

Most of the frequency ranges work but I am greeted with a "splat" when I switch to range C. When I saw it for sale I just had to have it as I believe it is the same one I used as a Tech. at Philips about fourty years ago.
I am looking for a manual or even just a circuit diagram for it. Got any idea where I might start looking ?.
What ever happened to the great Marconi company that built such exotic instrument.

News flash: I fixed the BIG Marconi signal generator. I found it produced a splat from the RF output amplifier coil assembly on range C, the bottom end of the BC band, a very important range for me. The splat was followed by a burning smell.
I started out by dawing a diagram of this complex turret switch assembly and then measuring voltages on each contact in each position. It soon became evident there was a short on the HT on range C, hence the splat and the smell.
My first reaction was to suspect a faulty cap in that coil assembly or a shorted primary to secondary in the coil. To my relief I soon found it was as simple as a short through the cambric sleeve insutalting one of the tinned copper wire leads from the anode contact to an earth contact. Of course it was not realy that easy, the short was not in the range C coil pack, it was in range G coil pack, why ?. The wire was hard against the earth contact and the sleeve had squished through.
All I have to do now is clean and adjust the contact blocks on some ranges

It is a very complex beast with two hugh turrent coil assemblies that rotate with the range change switch. One assembly is the actual oscillator and the other is an RF output stage that puts the modulation onto the carrier. Unlike most signal gens it can be modulated to 100% and is calibrated. It makes a great AM transmitter for my collection of old radios.

More Boatanchors to be added to this page soon.

You may not know about the Boatanchor Manual site a vast archive of service and operator manuals for a wide range of old radio equipment.

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