Information and help wanted on these

Realistic Pro-2011 VHF/UHF Scanner

I would like a circuit of this one, I have an owners manual and a parts list but no circuit. It has an early Super Cap to supply power to the memory but this does not hold the frequencies for long any more. I have been a "butcher" as I wanted it to hold the frequencies for a long time so I mounted a battery holder on the top with four rechargable AA cells. No more having to enter the frequencies every time I want to use it. I use it in my Radio Shack to monitor the local VHF and UHF repeaters.

Nova-Tech Air-O-Ear

This thing works but it is unstable. My guess the problem is just an old capacitor or two so I am looking for a circuit diagram to make the task easier.
A typical lethal 110 Volt transformer less little beast so I must be very carefull working on it.

Two very different mantle radios donated to my collection by a fellow club member

The Scharnberg Strauss radio was made by Earnest Smith a Co Ltd here in Adelaide and is a very simple three valve regenerative detector set but the other one with the Maxwells label is a mystery. Look closely and you will see it uses an EF50 valve as the IF amplifier, these were available in vast numbers from disposals stores after the second world war and a number of small manufacturers made good use of them. Our guess is the name is a bit of badge engineering for a department store, probably called Maxwells. If you have more information I will be facinated to hear it.

Görler multi band coil assembly

Here is a coil assembly I have had in my collection for many years. I do not remember where I came by it and who or what it was. Thanks to the October issue of Amateur Radio (the WIA journal) I have found its name, it was by a firm called Görler. It was used in a old project featured in that issue of the journal. The article was about the rebuilding of a project built by the author in 1956 and rebuilt about 1958.

Peter in Germany has been able to fill in some of the picture, saying it was made by Julius Karl Görler, Transformatorenfabrik, Berlin-Reinickendorf 1. He thought it was a "Görler Spulenrevolver SR3" for 80m, 40m and 20 m but I have since found that version provides only four bands and was intended for Ham Radio Receivers. The one I have has six bands and according to the above mentioned article, it covers 500KHz to 30MHz in six bands and uses an IF of 455KHz.

I f you have any more information, or getter still an original dial scale I can copy, that would be great.

Ferris Audiopak player

Graham D. put me right on this one. At a quick glance I thouight it was an Eight Track Cartridge, the ill fated format used in 1960's Car Audio players, mostly in the USA.
The ferris is a broadcast style player that uses audiopak cartidges. The difference is 8 tracks have an internal pinch roller, the audiopaks have one in the deck, the pinch roller also locks the cartridge in place.

Did Ferris realy make this or is it someone elses rebadged ?

I am looking for a Coilmaster coil winder

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