Links to Radio and Audio sites

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Societies and Forums and other resources

Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc.
Australian Vintage Radio Society
Vintage Radio A good Australian site with an active Forum
British Vintage Radio Forum
The new web site for Australian Vintage Radio A New Zealand site with a lot of information about the Hikers series of radios
Radio Heritage Foundation Sharing the stories of Pacific Radio
Radiolovers Hundreds of free vintage radio shows for you to listen to online or download (Right click and save link as) in mp3 format
The History of Radio A brief history of radio development
Canadian Vintage Radio Society

Web sites with Valve (Vacuum Tube) information

"Tubes 201" How Vacuum Tubes Really Work
Glenn Baddeley - Electronics Lots of links, particularly to valve data
duncanamps Tube Data
Triode Electronics tube data pages
Russian valve notes
Virtual Valve Museum
12 Volt Space Charge tubes Remember these, they were used in the Hydrid car radios of the 50's and into the 60's
The Compactron page An interesting page about the last gasp of valves by Jeff Duntermann
TDSL Tube Search
Radiomuseum To get access to the vast store of information you have to join, paying a once off fee
Fun with tubes Great pages on theory and construction by Max Robinson
See my note below about his page on making your own IF coils. May be a way out if you have a radio with a rare faulty IF coil.
Fun with Transistors By Max Robinson
Tube Data sheets Dr. Tube
Huge PDF file of data sheets
Welcome @ Frank's Electron Tube Data sheets
Frank's Electron tube Pages
Graphics of Valve or Tube boxes

Manuals and service data

The complete 23 volumes of the famous Rider manuals
Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA) lots of free manuals for techo electronics
Atwater Kent Service Manuals
Ferrograph manuals
Audio Tube Amplifier Circuits
Heathkit Circuit Archive
More UK service data
Free service manuals, another UK site
Vintage Radio Service data download site in the UK
Military Radio Wireless Workshop Circuits Manuals & Layouts For Sale
Nostalgia Air huge archive of circuits and data
Pacific T.V. Growing collection of service information and valves (tubes) for sale
Analogalley Service manuals for sale
Vintage Manuals Inc Vintage radio, audio and test equipment manuals
Manuals Plus Manuals Plus buys and sells Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment Manuals
Past Times Radio UK UK radio dial scales
UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration UK service data and forum

Other interesting sites I visit frequently

Kurrajong Radio Museum Must see Museum near Sydney.
Ray Robinson Communication Museum
Dr James B. Calvert a fantastic site with a vast range of information
A huge list of radio study guides, radio station test exams, information on HAM radios, and more Sent to me by Sarah Wahlberg
Dr James Electronics index page
Dr James Vacuum Tubes page
Dr James CRT page these are just a few of the pages available on this site
Steve's Antique Technology, Auburn NY
Steve's Supreme Instruments Collection
More of Steve's pages Vintage and Antique Test Equipment and Tube Testers
Australian Vintage Wireless Parts Stephen Savells site, radio history book available
Browning-Drake Radio's I must get round to building one of these one day
Mike's Electric Stuff I particularly like his Nixie Clock Gallery
Damian Vale's web page (VK3RX) I put this one in for the great pictures of old radios, thanks Damian
Paul Cambie's Vintage radio Stuff FTP site of photos and schematics of many radios and other interesting stuff
Stone Vintage Radio
Gerard's Radio Corner
Past Times Radio
The Transistor Museum
The Sparkmuseum
Welcome to
Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff

Even more links I have found recently

Technical Books On Line
Welcome to Ake's Tubedata
Ake's pages on Magic Eye tuning devices
Another page on Magic Eye tubes Have a look at this fellows collection of old radios also
Vintage Data Sheets from Jeff Duntemann
Welcome to the Electronics Club by John Hewes
Johns Flickr site with hundreds of old Radio advertisments
Klaus and Klausmobile An interesting web site in Russia
Dissident audio project Interesting tube curve tracer project
Bill's Antique Radios by Bill Harris
John's Radio Web Lampen index photos of Valves and valve boxes
John's Radio Web, FTP site of Tube Data more photos on an FTP site
John's big picture archive of European Radios
Tonne Software - A technically-oriented site for engineers and technicians
Gregs Download Page free engineering software
Modern Radio Laboratories America's Oldest Radio Manufacturer and Publisher
The Old Radio Builder Dedicated to those who enjoy building radios
Vacuum Tube (Electron Valve) Museum English and German site
Steve's Antique Radio Website radio projects
The Grebe Synchrophase
Steve's Antiques big collection of of photos of early radios and a lot of other stuff

Ham Radio links

An Amateur's Guide to Ham Radios Thanks to one of Jenna's young students from the Morrow Community Center
Facebook users and their interest in ham radio (USA statistics)
VK3XRT's Amateur Radio Gear For Sale!
Meeting People with Ham Radios Sent to me by Abby and she's in 7th grade
Wireless Institue of Australia Full list of all Radio Clubs in Australia on this site
Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society
South Coast Amateur Radio Club Inc
North East Amateur Radio Club Inc
Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club
Port Adelaide Radio Club
Radio Society Of Great Britain
The American Radio Relay League The USA Society
International Amateur Radio Union Site dedicated to Radio Amateur pages
AB0CW's Amateur and Antique Radio Pages from the above site
IN3OTD's web site another page from the QSL site
Dr. Greg Latta's Electrical Engineering and Amateur Radio Pages
For Amateur Satellite, QRP and Amateur Radio fans.
Amateur Radio equipment manuals
Ham Manuals Manuals in PDF format for sale, both online and on CDROM
Peter Parkers Radio Projects (VK3YE)
David VK2BA
Radio Society Of Great Britain The American Radio Relay LeagueThe USA Society
International Amateur Radio Union Hi, I am Tony I0JX

Audio sites

ELC Auditory Research & Engineering - Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier Bibliography
Triode Electronics Inc. Online
Triode Electronics free circuit diagrams
dc ~ daylight, Williamson Amplifer page
Willamson Amplifer page Part 1
Willamson Amplifer page Part 2
One Electron circuit diagram page Vintage Hi Fi Amplifiers
Rola Australia Graham Dicker's web site
The Phonograph Society of South Australia Inc. I am also interested in Phonographs
Valves & Tubes, What good are they ? If you are interested in Valve (Tube) Amplifiers, you must read this page.
kiewa Valley Stereo Not a radio site, mostly old english sound equipment
kiewa Valley Stereo Another page from the above site
Elliott Sound Products Not a radio site but vast amount of information on modern audio circuits and design.
Audio Amplifier schematics Dr. Tube
BLACK ART AUDIO Victoria, Australia
Jims Audio Pages Includes information on Armstrong and Sugden amplifiers


Gary Yates Australian Made Transformer Information Suprising range of old valves at reasonable prices
Tube Depot Another supplier of Valves in the USA
EVATCO - Electronic Valve and Tube Company The source of just about every valve you might need
Just RadiosSupplier of parts and service imformation Books about radio in Australia
The Captain's Tube Shop
Gary Yates Australian Made Transformer Information
Tubes and more Antique Electronic Supply
EVATCO - Electronic Valve and Tube Company The source of just about every valve you might need

Education, training and informational web sites

A web site sent to me by Reynand Collando
EndsOdds web site by Jim Tregellas Make your own circuit boards and lots of other great do it youself stuff
The Radio and Electronics School in Brisbane Study for your Amateur Radio Licence by correspondence
Amateur Radio Victoria Another study site for your Amateur Radio Licence.
Marty's Electronics Magazine Collection An index of all sorts of information from past radio and electronic magazines.

Kevin Chant This great web site in Western Australia has a big collection of service data and circuit diagrams that can be downloaded free
He also has some dial glasses available and CD Roms of service data that can be purchased from his web site

Radio History Pages

Geloso: an important Italian contribution to ham radio
New York's Broadcasting History Sent to me by Jess and Liz Carr in the USA

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