Yaesu Yaesu FT-227 Memorizer also sold under the name Uniden

Some time ago I had a phone call from a woman who had a box of "stuff" left at her home some years before by her CB'er Son and she wanted to get rid of it as she was down sizing. She did not want to just put it in the bin if someone could make use of it. There was a collection of very tatty hand helds, some cables and connectors and this interesting radio. A quick web search soon indicated it was a 2M rig, not a CB radio.

The FT-227RB is a PLL synthesized FM trans-ceiver, designed to provide high performance for the discriminating 2 meter operator. Channel selection is by means of a photo-inter-rupter scheme, providing selection of as many as 800 PLL channels between 144 and 148 MHz. This optical coupling system eliminates noisy, un-reliable rotary switches used in other makes of equipment. Digital display of the last four digits of the operating frequency is provided. A memory circuit allows storage and recall of two simplex and four repeater channels, with the press of a switch. The memorised frequency may be held when the power switch is turned off, via the backup circuitry. For repeater operation, 600 kHz split is provided, and auxiliary splits may be programmed using the memory system. Tone burst generation is provided, and a subaudible tone squelch (CTCSS) encoder/ decoder was an available option for your FT-227RB. Superb operating convenience is provided by the PLL scanner, allowing up/down scanning control from the microphone, without rotation of the main tuning dial. The FT-227RB, represented the latest develop-ments in solid-state technology at the time is was produced. This was the first 2 meter rig to have a digital display and even a memory. Dual RF power: 1 & 10 watts. Capable of +/- 600 KHz and unconventional offsets. Frequency coverage is 144-148 MHz (in 800 5kHz steps).

Unfortunately, the production was discontinued in 1981. Over it's active life, the transceiver was sold with several different model suffixes and also as a Uniden rig. The one I have is the last one manufactured, the RB model. Later models had up/down buttons on the mike and the VFO could scan for busy or clear frequencies - it was pretty futuristic in the 80's!!! A user group can be found at - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yaesu-FT-227.

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