Heathkit SB-110B 6 Metre rig and matching HP-23B power supply

I have an Ebay search setup for Heathkit items in A$ and one day recently I received and email from Ebay telling me there was this item avalable. The description read:
HeathKit SB-110 6 meter Transceiver. Has been 90% rebuilt with all new components. Finals are new, never fired up. I started to rebuild but lost interest and went on to other areas of hobby. Sits on my shelf saying please finish me. Comes with construction manual, bit tatty but still readable. It does have the knob that you see missing, that is not the correct volume control just a temp I put in, does require a few more parts. Selling below cost to me so far. Will post at buyers expense. Pick up is welcome from 4157.

I am a sucker for old Heathkit Ham gear and so I put a not too serious bid on it and then went on the web and looked up what it was I was bidding to buy. What I discovered was a nice old fixable BoatAnchor rig. It originally would have had an external power supply and I did not think to ask the seller if he also had this available. Instead I rummaged round in my future projects cupboard and found I have suitable parts for a supply that I intended to use for the power supply for a Geloso transmitter replical. My thought at the time were if I won the SB-110B and built this power supply for it I could always switch the supply between two rigs.

A week after I won the SB-110B and it was heading my way via Australia Post I received another email from Ebay telling me there were other items in A$ available. These were from the same seller and turned out to be the matching HP-23B power supply and a matching SB-600 speaker. I already have two of the speakers that I have fitted two five inch speakers instead of the original 9 by 6 monster but well, I could always use another !

The description on ebay of the HeathKit HP-23B read:
HeathKit HP-23B Power Supply. Works fine full power as per specs. Comes with power lead to TX and manual. Will post at buyers expense.

I started out with a bid a bit higher than the starting bid but when I saw I had competition for the power supply raised my maximum bid to what I could afford at the time, after all if I won this item this would solve the power suypply issue and perhaps I may even one day build that Geloso replica.

I won both the power supply and the speaker and as I had suitable 500 volt capactors put away for the other powers supply I set to work to replace the all the electrolytic capacitors when the items arrived via Australia post. So I could keep an eye on the supply currents and voltages, I fitted some sockets to the back of the supply to monitor the three voltages it supplies. You will notice the metal contacts of the sockets I have used are well recessed so it will not be easy to get an electric shock from these. They have dangerous voltages with a high current capacity.I have also added a neon "on light" just to make sure I know the power supply is alive. The two pairs of outer red sockets have one Ohm resistors between them so I can measure the supply current and the voltage is measured between the centre black socket and the outer two red sockets. The bias voltage is measured between the centre red and black sockets. Do not need to monitor the current on this supply.

The description on ebay of the HeathKit SB-600 speaker read:
Cabinet is ok no dent or damage but needs to be stripped and repainted, speaker works just fine.Some paint missing around the front screws.

I am thinking I may put the HP-23B power supply into this speaker cabinet. This was often done when assembling an SB series configuration. An alternative is to build a power supply into this speaker cabinet to supply a Heathkit SB_10 Single Sideband Adapter.

The seller in Queensland was very cooperative and made an excellent job of packing all thee items with layers of bubble wrap, white sheet foam packing material and used very strong cartons. When I saw the effort he had put into the rebuild of the SB-110B I had to send him a congratulatory email stating that in my many years as a TAFE lecturer I would have had to given him 110% for this effort.

I am intending to finish this rig in time for the next 6 Metre opening but I will also have to build a suitable antenna as my 6 Metre J-Pole is configured for the 53 MHz local AM and repeater end of the band and so I am planning to build a small three element beam configured for the 50 MHz end of the band where the SSB DX takes place.

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Written by and Copyright, Phil. Storr © Last updated 9th Spetember 2013