Universtal Boat Anchor Power Supply

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This project started when I was given a Heatkit SB-10 Single Side Band Adapter. This was designed to be used with the Heatkit TX-1 transceiver, taking its power supplies from the radio. Reading some of the web pages devoted to Heathkit equipment I decided even if I do get a TX-1, it would be better to operate the SB-10 from its own power supply as the power supply in the TX-1 is marginal. Even if I do not collect a TX-1, I intend to use the SB-10 with my Geloso project and having its own power supply will simplify that project.

This project soon got out of hand when I discovered plenty of space left in the box for other transformers, chokes and capacitors. The box had been sitting on a shelf full of odd parts in my storage shed for about thirty five years, ever since I recycled the parts from a milli Volt, Noise and Distortion Meter I had bult about fourty five years ago.

It now has two HT supplies, one switched for two output voltages by changing the filter to or from Choke input, a negative 105 Volt bias supply, a 1 Amp 12 Volt regulated supply and two 6.3 Volt AC heater supplies. The four phone jack sockets on the front enable me to plug in a meter to measure the current supplied by each DC supply. A rotary switch on the back switches some of the power supplies between two sets of sockets.

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