Tokyo HY-POWER HL-1K HF Linear Amplifier

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This amplifier arrived at my shack in very poor condition, it had been stored in a damp shed in the Adelaide Hills with the second TS-50S and the case was rusted and there was some corrosion on the metal work inside. It cleaned up well and I painted it with the same grey Colour Bond paint I have used on other item in the shack. I have not managed to test it under power output conditions yet to see if the output tubes are still OK, I suspect I will need a new pair of 4CX250's or similar when I borrow a big enough dummy load to test it. I cannot test it on air as I do not have a big enough antenna tuner but I do have the parts to make one when I get the time.

I did get quite a scare when I eventually powered it up and turned on the EHT. There was a loud BANG and several diodes in the EHT supply simply vanished. I could not find any reason for this happening so I replaced the diodes, and now the EHT looks to be correct.

I do not like having power chords attached so I fitted an IEC power socket.

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