Kenwood TS-520S SSB Transeiver

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The digits you see displayed on the DG-5 Digital Display are a symptom of a problem with these. The circuit board is made of phenolic material and has through hole plating, many of which do not have component leads through them. Over the years these connections fail and some times the display operates correctly after a 5 to 15 minute warm up but eventually they fail completely. One web site tells us there are 82 such connections, many of them under the IC's. Someone has tried to fix this one by soldering wire links through all 82 holes but it still has a problem and that seems to be in the input circuits. I will have to get a can of freeze spray and see if I can find what is wrong.

I was lucky enough (some will say unlucky enough) to get a second one of these radios with its accessories and a Tokyo Hy Power 500 Watt linear. This equipment was in very poor looking condition as it had been stored in a very large and high shed in the Adelaide Hills and a simple tin shed in this area has a lot of condensation occuring inside during the winter months. All the cases of the equipment was rusty and there was some damage to the chassis inside each item.

In addition to the TS-520S there is an AT-230 Antenna tuner, a VFO-520 Remote VFO, another DG-5 digital display with the same problems as the other one and the Linear Amplifier.

All the items cleaned up well and I am using that TS-520S on the air with our local BoatAnchor net. The 6146 output tubes in it are in better condition than the other one I have and it can put out over 100 Watt if I let it, but I keep it down to 60 or 70 Watt to extend the life of the tubes.

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