Yaesu FT-625R 6 Metre rig

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When this rig arrived on my bench there was a BIG piece of three phase building wire cable hanging out of a hole in the back where I suspect it had been operated from a 12 Volt source. There was also an RF Pre Amp fitted, wired in with a HUGH lump of very heavy coaxial cable. I put this all back to original and it works fine, I use it to listen to and the Sunday Morning WIA broadcasts and to partisipate in the talk back. I have been told this rig may have been used for the 6 Metre WIA broadcasts on Sunday morning and as there was a Dick Smith 6 Metre 100 Watt linear with it this may well be true. I must configure it to accept the audio from a 2 Metre rig so I can be a backup for this session. My 6 Metre J-Pole ten metres in the air would work well for this.

This is the R version, not the RD version, so it does not have the digital display. IF anyone knows where I might find a written off RD version I am keen to get a digital display and even the optional memory module to fit to mine.

Dick Smith K-6349 (kit) All Mode Power Amplifier

This came with the FT-625R but when I looked inside at the condition of it I was not brave enough to power it up. I have since done a number of repairs including replacing three electrolytic capacitors that had suffered from living in a very hot environment. Further evidence this equipment had been used for the Sunday Morning WIA broadcasts.

The maximum input power without an attenuator pad is 5 Watt and there was no attenuator installed on the circuit board. If I use it with the FT-625R I will make and use an external attenuator as it output power is about 30 Watt.

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