Some of my collection of old electronic test equipment

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Heathkit IT1121 Semiconductor Curve Tracer

Milesmor Condenserscope by Healing

The famous Australian radio manufacturer Healing also made a range of Automotive test equipment and the name used for this range, "Milesmor" reflected what they hoped they would do for the user. In addition to the Condenserscope there was the GT-1 Garage Tester, a Dwell Meter, Coil meter and the Healing Condenser Tester.

Photos of these items are on this web site

Philips GM2889 Signal Generator

Hickok All Wave Generator

I am looking for a manual or even just a circuit for this item.

Solar CB 2U Condensor Tester

Palec All Wave Oscillator

Now this item is interesting. I picked it up in a junk shop in Eastern Victoria and the story that came with it was that it was part of a collection of radio and TV "stuff" that was in a Radio and TV shop that had been shut and abandoned about 20 years before. When the owner died much of the stuff went into a skip but some of it was rescued.
The power source for it is 6 Volt DC as it has a vibrator supply built in. Does anyone know any more about it ?

University Signal Generator Model JOB

This was battery powered but someone had tried to convert it to use FET devices instead of the original valves. Looking at the metal work there was also a mains operated version as there is a hole for a power transformer where the HT battery holder is.

The conversion was not a success and I borrowed a 240 Volt version and rebuilt it as that version. By some fluke of nature, the power transformer from an old Astor Mantle radio fitted into the cutout for the transformer and the bolt holes lined up. There was also a spare valve socket hole for the rectifier. When I finished the rebuild I was quite surprised how close the dial calibration was on my unit and the one I had borrowed.

RC Bridge with Magic Eye

Looks like an updated version of the one published in the December 1954 edition of Radio and Hobbies. It uses a different amplifier valve and has the addition of a bridge gain control. The front panel and metal work look like it was a kit or a class project.

It has a 6X4 recitifier, a 6U5 Magic Eye. a 6U8 and a germanium diode. This is where it differs from the RTV&H circuit, it used a 6N8 pentode and its built in diodes.

It does not work properly and I suspect there is a wiring fault in it. When I get time I will trace the circuit and see what is going on. If someone has more information it would be appreciated.

Radio TV and Hobbies VTVM

I was not sure of the origin of this until I found a little sticker on the bottom of the VTVM and guess what is said ! RTH Jan 1956. I have the RTV and H collection on CD, a great resource.
Would anyone have a meter clear plastic cover in better condition ?.

AWA Voltohmyst A56010

AWA Modulated Oscillator model C1070

This item was designed to be battery powered and the AC power pack is an option. Would any one have a circuit diagram for this little gem ?.

I have two of these, the other one has no AC power supply and it requires a new dial glass.
I have had this one since I was sixteen years old.

AWA Beat Oscillator type 14RY077

Calstan Model 223 Combined Tube Checker and Multimeter

Kevin Chant emailed me a PDF of a mint copy of the full manual but the only thing not included with the original manual is a circuit diagram. Would anyone have a circuit diagram? Thanks Kevin for the manuals you sent me.

I need a new neon lamp for the short tester, the old one has fallen apart inside.

MicOvac model 22 Valve Voltmeter

I am looking for a manual or even just a circuit diagram for this. It has the AC power supply fitted rather than the battery pack.

Taylor Model 35 Valve Tester

This is in good working order and complements the AVO model I have.

Triplet Model 1632 Signal Generator

About all I know about this one is it started life at the PMG Adelaide Radio Telephones section and it operates from 110 Volt AC.
I picked it up at an auction many years ago and sadly the meter is open circuit.
It had a 240 volt plug on it when I got it and someone had plugged it into 240 volt and some of the valves had open circuit heaters.
I soon found it was for 110 Volt operation when I turned it on and the good valves lighted up like torch bulbs.

University Super Tracer Model AST

I have had this working recently, listening to Test Cricket on it. I have started to make a new meter scale for it.

AVO model 2 signal generator

AVO TT164 In Circuit Transistor Tester

Collection of Heatkit and other Grid Dip Oscillators

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