Hallicrafters S38D

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This radio arrived on my bench in very poor condition and as it was a 110 Volt transformer less set I decided if I was going to rebuild it I would fit a 240 Volt power transformer. There was plenty of room on the chassis and an old Philips mantle radio donated the transformer. The chassis was quite rusty so I stripped all parts I could take off and masked items I could not, used a lot of rust remover, scrubbed it with steel wool and painted the clean chassis with Penetrol. I also derusted the cabinet and painted it with a similar hammer tone paint and the dial surround silver.

I fitted 6 Volt versions of the first three valves (tubes) and then used a 6V6 for the output and a 6X5 for the rectifier. I then rewired the chassis with modern components and tried to align it with no success, it was very deaf. I found the second IF transformer was faulty and luckily the Australian made Astor mantle sets used very similar transformers so that was not a problem. The Astor part was held in the chassis with the same type of clamp.

Thw first three photos below show the condition this receiver was in when I bought it at an HRSASA auction.
To make these old boatanchors useful we need to resolve SSB transmissions so I decided to abandon the very crude oscillating IF stage BFO and make an external BFO. The coil for this came from the same Astor set that provided the replacment IF transformer, all I did was take out the tuning capacitor and strip off one of the windings. I used a Collpits oscillator circuit and as there was no room for a variable capacitor to tune the BFO I used a big old 1 Amp power diode as a Varicap. Works well.

Photos of an original S38D from the web site of Brian Ripley, K8BR (http://www.the-s38-guy.com/) I am looking for some orignal looking knobs to make this restoration complete.

The dial scale image is a BIG file so if you need a new dial scale, click on the thumbnail and save the BIG file to your desk top. It should have the file name s38d_25.jpg.

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Written by and Copyright, Phil. Storr © Last updated 11th December 2014