Trio 9R59DS Communications Receiver

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This is a very nice valve receiver with a VR tube to keep the oscillators stable and a band spread dial on the Amateur bands.
I did not have to do much to this one but I did replace some of the electrolytics.

Recently another one in very poor shape arrived on my bench, thanks to Peter Holland. If Peter had given up on it, it sure must have been a basket case. On opening it up I found the following:

Decision time, is it worth going any further ?. After having a carefull look at the front end coils and switching I decided 'Harry" may not have messed with these and so I may be able to rescue it if the following is all OK: The power transformer, the IF coils and the BFO coil.

A good scrub with Metal Clean used by automotive refinishers (almost full strength phosphoric acid I think) and a good wash and blow dry, the chassis looks a lot better that it did when it arrived on the bench. VK5HY, Horst lusted after one of these to use with a BoatAnchor transmitter he is building so I passed the project on to him. Horst has it working very well again and I will tell this story some day soon.

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