Realistic DX-150A Receiver

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This radio was a mess, no back, one foot missing and look what I found inside when I took the bottom cover off ?

The last IF coil had been replaced and instead of feeding the detectors, it was connected to the IF section of the little old Astor portable radio I found in the bottom of the chassis. I removed the portable radio and reconnected the last IF coil to the detectors but there was not a sound from the radio unless I pushed a 455KHZ signal in from a signal generator.

At this stage I reached for my trusty old Mirconta Signal Tracer I bought and modified about fourty years ago, when Tandy shops started opening here DownUnder. It soon became evident the converter was not converting but the local oscillator was running. While invertigating why, I found that someone had put in an oscillator buffer circuit but nothing was getting through to the mixer. Once I removed that addition and put the ocscillator coupling capacitor back in the circuit the radio showed signs of life.

The oscillator trimmers had been damaged by screwing all the "loose screws" out so I replaced them with old Philips Bee Hive trimmers and after several hours of alignment, the old transistor BoatAnchor was back to what it was when it was made. Copying SSB signals is easy as the BFO control has just enough range to cover upper and lower side bands and the band spread tuning is easy to use. The DX150 is now the monitor receiver in the radio shack.

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Written by and Copyright, Phil. Storr © Last updated 16th September 2013