Stuff collected at the HRSA Radio Fest Canberra 2010

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Emerson Model 250AW 110 Volt Mantle Radio

Pay, my Wife, actually bought this one, it took her fancy and will soon be on display in our Family Room. It came complete with a 240 to 110Volt isolation transformer. Will fit a 3 pin power chord and appropriate plug and check it over for faulty capacitors first.

The name plate on the back and the lable inside.

Photos of two other mantle radios to be added to this page soon, a Tasma and an STC Bantam

These two took Pats fancy also but they are not home yet, as we were flying to and from Canberra we only had room for one radio in our hand luggage. We will be driving to Melboune soon and will pick them up then.

Pinnacle Neutrodyne Coil Set and a Lotus Coil Holder

I have various remains of several radio sets from the 1920's and these parts will help get at least two of them completed.

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