The interior and glass

At this point, many restorers leave the interior in the car but if extensive body work has to be done severe damage can be done to the upholstery. If the floor is rusty it should be fixed first and this will necessitate removing the seats. In most cases the windscreens and windows should be removed before the body work commences but this depends on the rarity and price of replacement windscreens and rubbers. The safest way to remove the front and back windows is to cut the rubber away from the outside of the glass, but if you do this you must have new rubbers available when refitting. If you leave any glass in the vehicle make sure whoever is doing the body work protects the glass from sparks when grinding, cutting and welding, I have seen many windows damaged in this way.

If you wish to replace the hood lining on most vehicles you will have to remove the front and back screens as the edges of the lining are folded under the rubbers. It may be possible to come up with some attachment scheme for the lining if the wind screens and rubbers are just too rare or expensive to risk removal.

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Written by Phil. Storr, last updated 8th September 2000