Automotive Restoration for beginners
By Phil Storr

Masking up:

If painting over the old paint you may not wish to remove all the fittings and glass. If you do leave some glass or trim on the outside of the vehicle you will have to mask these. For this use good quality masking tape, not the cheap stuff for the "cheap as" shops. Good quality tape will resist puckering on curves and will provide a tight seal on the edges if pressed down hard as it is applied. Use 18 or 25mm wide tape for most areas and 6 or 9mm on tight curves. When large areas are to be masked, put the tape along the edge of news paper or brown Kraft paper, half on and half off, and then put the paper and tape on the car. The paper can be spread out on the roof and the tape put on being careful not to press down on the tape that is off the paper. Use scissors to cut the paper to shape and a table knife to press the tape into tight corners. Caution: Do not leave making tape on for any length of time, it can effect old paint and will be very difficult to remove. When removing tape pull back along the tape not at right angles to it.

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Written by Phil. Storr, last updated 8th September 2000