Automotive Restoration for beginners
By Phil Storr

Stopping the rust in the future:

It is possible to stop rust breaking out for many years. The first area I concentrate on is the doors, bonnet and boot lids. Firstly I hand paint or spray POR 15 Rust Preventive Coating into these items paying particular attention to the seams and the hidden areas around the hinges and along the top of the doors. I do this with them off the car while I am priming the rest of the body. I then put them on the car and get the alignment correct. I protect these panels at this stage because I splash quite a bit of water around rubbing down. Spray the inside of these panels with an under body tar after the above process as this acts as a sound deadener and provides added protection. This material is available in spray cans if you need it. Any material splashed or sprayed on the outside can be easily wiped off before it sets hard.

With the body primed and the doors, bonnet and boot on I then paint the inside of the floor, the underneath and the wheel arches with an under body tar. If these areas are rusty I first treat them with POR15 Metal Ready and then POR 15 Rust Preventive Coating.

Remember the holes you drilled into hidden areas earlier ?. You should spray Fish Oil or one of the more modern Wax coatings into these holes to protect the metal inside. This can be done before or after putting on the top coats. I do this last and as added protection I also spray inside the doors, bonnet and boot lids just to cover any area I may have missed earlier.

If you do not have spray equipment the pressure pack fish oil is quite convenient. Fill any exposed access holes with plastic or rubber plugs to keep water out in the future. Fish oil guns are available that have alternative nozzles and one of these sprays out side ways. This is great for protecting the inside of the side sills and other box sections.

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Written by Phil. Storr, last updated 8th September 2000