Automotive Restoration for beginners
By Phil Storr

Repainting over the existing paint:

Wash the body with detergent and water and then inspect for areas were the paint is cracked or crazed. These areas most likely have excessive spray putty and extensive deposits of bog so sand them and any areas of stone chips, back to bare metal with dry 120 grit. Now sand the entire body with wet 180 grit being particularly careful to "feather" in areas that have been previously sanded back to bare metal. Use a sanding block or air operated Orbital Sander. Do not use an electric sander for wet sanding. Areas that can't be accessed with a sanding block sand with your hand and keep your fingers together so as to avoid ridges and lines in the final finish. Do not worry about any minor scratches in the metal the two pack primer/putty/undercoat will fill these in. If any shine is still evident remove this by wet sanding with 180 or 220 grit. Do any major repairs at this stage, and when you do apply two-pack primer/putty/undercoat, later on, put extra coats over the repaired and bare areas.

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Written by Phil. Storr, last updated 8th September 2000