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I am Pat. Storr, Phil. Storr's better half. Until about ten years ago I worked for a bank but after twenty nine years service, I was made redundant by technology. My interests include travelling, collecting fluffy stuffed critters (you may have noticed Phil. is a fluffy critter), making beeded things and reading Science Fiction.

After having six months off, looking at how to invest my redundancy package so it grows to enough to support us in our old age, I found a part time job with Equifax. This keept me busy for 25 hours a week. When Phil got his redundancy package from TAFE I decided it would be best to go back to full time employment and so I applied to Equifax and was accepted.

My collection of critters includes about 65 Teddy Bears and about 25 other animals, there are so many they are scattered all over the house, taking over the chairs in the lounge, on top of wardrobes, inside cupboards, and on shelves and window ledges.

I am keen on traveling the world but unfortunately I have to take Phil. along with me. He does come in useful for carrying the baggage. So far we have travelled extensively in England, Italy, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

We are active in two car clubs and I enjoy the social activities provided by these clubs. The Alfa Romeo clubs national event Alfesta, held each year at Easter, has taken us to most states in Australia and we have friends in all states as a result of these events. In the past I have even done my stint as Treasurer of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

I try to have Phil working on "house" projects when he is not working on restoring one of his cars or restoring or colelcting old radios and phonographs. It is difficult to get him started on a house project and even harder to get him to finish off a project. In 1999 Phil, with the help of a builder friend, built a Solarium / Spa room onto the back of the house but he has not finished the painting yet. I know he would sooner be working on one of his projects but we have to keep the roof over our head also. We also sold the rental property we had a block away from home a bough the property next door. Phil has a big shed erected on that block and it is full of restoration projects and parts.

Phil's car projects waiting in the sheds include:
Two Alfa Romeo 2600's (a Coupe and Berlina) a 1972 GT Junior and a 1936 Dodge sedan in many bits and pieces.

We share our house with two spoiled cats. The older one is called Rocky Rocket because of his tendency to rush everywhere. In June 2007, while on a Family Holiday at Edithburg, we aquired a loverly little four and a half year old female cat and we have called her Missy Moo Magpie. We do not know much about her history, just that she had belonged to a previous manager of the Carvan Park. She was living under four cabins in the front row of the park, near to the fish cleaning table. She had been living rough like that for about eighteen months but with her lovely nature I suspect many guests took pity on he and took he into the cabins and gave her good food and a lot of attention. We took her in and when we asked the current Manager about her she said we could take her home with us as life would be hard until the next school holidays. Phil got a strong carton form the general store and put her in but he did not tape it up very well. She was out of the box and on my lap before we even got out of the town. As she was not shreding us or the car we decided to see how she would travel the 200Klm back to our home.

At one stage we had five cats, a mother cat and two sons, and two others that just walked in. Age caught up with Mum Cat at seventeen, one of the sons died of a heart attack at twelve, Rattys kidneys gave out at about seventeen years of age, and Boofey died after an operation for various problems at seventeen years of age.

Written by and Copyright, Pat. and Phil. Storr , last updated 18th March 2009